Our rare "Jem", Loved beyond measure, Gave with all pleasure.

Everyone's Gem, you'll continue to live on in our hearts. Adieu, Till we meet again.


"I thank God for making our paths cross on this earth, for in you, I had a friend, a sister and an angel; always watching over me. You were a rare gem! Always smiling and laughing, no matter the situation. No dull moment! You had a heart of gold. You made life look so simple. You were my beacon of hope."
Makafan Damissah
"As I scroll through my WhatsApp chats, I am in tears as I remember my dear and wonderful friend. Jemooo!! As I call her whenever I send her a message. I can’t believe we won’t be communicating again. You are a true pure heart. Ever smiling, never angry Jemi. I have thousands of beautiful memories of you from JSS1 when we met through 2 secondary schools, Kongo campus, Ibadan."
"Dear Jemi, so full of life. I can't believe you are gone. You were so many things to many people but to me you were a rock. A constant reminder to look to the positives, a ready laugh. A true friend, understanding, jovial, friendly and open. You were strong, brave, kind and so giving of yourself, your time and energy. Thank you for always being there for me."
Funmi Lawal

"A shining star with a large heart you were Jemi. The news of your demise is still a shock to us considering the fact that you wished us happy anniversary a week before your passing. We can't believe we won't see you anymore whenever we come to Ibadan. You will be greatly missed but we are consoled knowing that you lived a good life and are in a better place. Ije Oma!!! Rest well!"

Eve & Kojo

"I've known her for about 35 years, from our primary school days, I remember her vividly in the checkered uniform of ABU Staff School Kongo Zaria. Always neatly dressed with her sparkling white socks and her hair neatly packed with her beautiful colourful hair ribbons. She was a constant source of encouragement always smiling and giving me the assurance that everything will be alright "


"So now you've gone away In a sudden gust of wind And we're sadder than hell 'Cause we miss you, dear friend Still it's good to know your great heart Is glad and restored Forever smokin' fine cigars at the table of the Lord At the table of the Lord There is no mountain of virtue Higher to ascend No quality More divine Than to be a friend Ah to be a friend So kind "

Saratu Chori

"Jemi, to know you was to love you.You were the most optimistic, selfless, kind, sweet soul I have ever known. Always ready to give of yourself even if it was not convenient, never an unkind word or a grudge and a sweet smile for everyone you came across. Heaven definitely gained an Angel. We all miss you so much, I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for Mummy, Daddy and your siblings. I just pray Almighty father Yahweh will comfort them and be with them every step of the way. We miss you grand Jem. Love you."


"Dearest Jemi, I can’t believe I’m writing this and that you never got to meet Zoe in person. You will always be remembered for the warmth of your beautiful smile, The assurance of your sweet, calm and collected demeanour, The strength and courage of your achievements as you broke through what people call limitations. You will always be an inspiration and will be sorely missed. "

Sinmi, Fara, Ayo, Fikun

"Sister Jemi was like an older sister that I never had, so loving and caring and I found it very easy to confide in her. Always smiling and always had a word of advice to share. It is difficult to come to terms with the loss as it has left a vacuum in all our hearts. She will be sorely missed because she’s irreplaceable. Even though a light has gone out of our lives, our wonderful memories of her remain. She will always be thought of with a smile. May her gentle soul rest in peace."

The Shiishi-Gyers

"You left without saying goodbye and it hurts so much. Who will fill in the gap for our little chats? I thank you for always being there. You always cared. You created a warm place in my heart with your gentle loving spirit. Oh a spirit so true! I will learn to leave for each day and hope to leave my mark just like you did. Your memory will forever linger in my heart. Rest in peace dearest one. Till we meet to part no more. "

Sarah Didi Kwasu

"I'm glad I met you. 1st time was 31 years ago. You helped me survive ABU, and you've always been there. My family loved you like you were one of us, even though they never actually met. You will always be my awesome sister. The candle in the wind that touched everyone's life in the most beautiful way. I know you're at peace now. You'll always be in our hearts. Love you. "

Sade Adeyinka

"Lifes' treasure Loved beyond measure Gave with all pleasure Even under pressure Lord give us closure! Your love so pure Calm and demure Friendship so true Strength all through Truly special too Her signature smile Seen from a mile Sad thoughts pile Of you gone for a while Remembered for life Star light, star bright Go soar high Amidst the doom Overwhelming gloom Your memories bloom Love you Boo "

Asmau Aims Smail

"Jemi was my wonderful and very beautiful little sister, whom I loved dearly. She was the apple of everyone 's eyes, strong, brilliant, courageous, determined, hard working and a selfless woman who was always contented with whatever situation she found herself. She was also the most patient person I have ever met. So determined in life, never letting any obstacles slow her down. I and everyone else that was privileged to have known her will always remember her ever smiling face. Words cannot describe her. Though you have left us, but you did not leave without leaving us a legacy. My darling sister, you have taught me that no matter what situation you find yourself, one needs to be strong, patient, determined and just keep moving on, don't let anything or anyone dictate your life. Thank you sis for teaching me how to truly be faithful to God. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may we meet again in al-jannatul firdaus, ameen. We love you and we miss you a lot, but the Almighty loves you more. There can never be another Jemi for me.Your older sister."

Amina Abubakar
Aunty Babee

"I still remember your voice when you call out from the sitting room "Bimpe is that you? come here jor!" Then I go over, knowing I'll be greeted with the most beautiful and heartwarming smile as we begin to gist on just about anything. You're ever so warm, ever gentle. Always felt I could tell you anything and was more than ecstatic when you encouraged my reading and gave me over 50 sci-fi, action and drama packed novels to read! It's so hard to believe you're not here or we can't send funny videos and laugh over them via Instagram. I miss you so much but I know God knows best and wanted to keep an angel like you with him forever. May your soul rest in perfect peace, Jemi."

Adebimpe Odulana

"To Jemi Abubakar my Adorable Sis, You were full of energy, love and carried this charming and angelic smile which illuminates the heart of everyone you came across... Although my heart is broken, but I need not to worry because I know you are in a better place where everlasting joy nd happiness exist... Ur absence will forever leave a void in our hearts big sis...I love you ...oh..i wish I said that more often to you when you were here."

Fati Abubakar

"Jemila...You meant so much to all who came across you but you were so much more to me. A gift that caused me to smile... You always brightened up my gloomiest mood. Your smile was so bright and beautiful... Your laughter was infectious. I wish you were here and well.. You are forever in my heart,my thoughts and prayers... Rivers,I have cried to no avail....then I remember that though you are not here with us ,you are soaring and free from all trouble and pain. Goodnight and love you."


"Departure is nature, we must live in other to depart and path to meet again oo my dearest sister. Do not think your leaving will make us to forget you. You will always be in our prayers and we will really miss you. You have being a very supportive sister, always trying to bring us all together. Ur death came as a shock to all of us. We will really miss you and you will forever be in our heart. Rest in Peace Darling sister"

Sadia Abubakar

"My rare gem. Words fail me and my heart is broken into a million pieces But in all the pain I still thank God that I got to know you for 31 years I remember all the good times we spent together, the tears, the Joy's, the laughter You were a symbol of peace, love and tranquility A true friend and sister A shoulder to lean on. The world and I have lost a star and sister You will forever be missed but your legacy, light and love will continue to burn in our hearts. I love and miss you Grandjem Rest on till we meet to part no more."

Mrs Stella B. Okpapi nee Iroko